Olive Leaf Lozenges combine the power of our Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf concentrate with the unique properties of UMF™ 10+ Manuka Honey.

Comvita Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf is grown and harvested fresh on our farm in Queensland. Our Fresh-Picked™ symbol is your assurance of purity and our promise that every lozenge is our very own.

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract Lozenges w/ Manuka Honey| 12 Pack

  • Dissolve one drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat as required, up to five times daily.

    WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under two years old.

  • Sugar, Corn Sugar, Manuka Honey (4.7%), Olive Leaf Concentrate 91mg, flavour (menthol).

    Each carton contains 12 lozenges individually sealed for maximum freshness.