• 120ml & 240ml Slim shape
  • High quality BPA/BPS-free plastic in an ergonomic design
  • Made from Polypropylene material (PP), durable and light-weight 
  • Comes with the original Peristaltic Teat (M). The M teat is a medium flow, cross cut hole suitable for babies 4 months+

High quality BPA-free bottle in an ergonomic design and comes with the original Peristaltic Teat Refined with over 60 years of R&D, the original peristaltic teats are recommended by health professionals. The slim and flexible design mimics the way babies feed, making them extremely popular



Weight: 84g | Size: 6 × 6 × 22 (cm)


Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic PPSU Bottle

  • Be sure to sterilise before use. After thoroughly washing teat and bottle, completely submerge them in boiling water for 5 minutes to sterilise. Chemical and microwave sterilisation are also possible. Use sterilisation products made specifically for baby bottles and teats. Follow the directions in the user manual for these products

    Heat Resistance:
    Bottle: 110°C
    Nipple: 120°C
    Cap: 120°C

    Hood: 120°C