The pigeon silent electric breast pump comes with everything you need to quickly and comfortable express and store breastmilk to feed your baby.


Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump

Superior silent motor with variable dial adjustments that provides soothing stimulation and easy expression of breast milk, while the Advanced Sealing Air Cushion provides maxium comfort and a smooth let-down.


Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple (Slim type)

The ultra-soft and uniquely elastic nipple allows babies to naturally move their tongues in a peristatlic motion.


Nursing Bottles (1 bottle)

By attaching the bottle to the breast pump, makes expressing breastmilk easier and faster for storage and feeding your baby. The Sealing Disk forms a perfect seal to keep breastmilk fresh for storage in the refigerator. 


Wide-Neck Bottle Adaptor

Connector to Pigeons Wide-Neck Bottle

Pigeon Silent Electric Breast Pump

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