Sambucol Cold & Flu Liquid helps fight cold and flu symptoms and may help speed up recovery, so you feel better faster. Sambucol helps reduces the severity of cold and flu symptoms and may help shorten the duration of a cold. Sambucol also helps improve the quality of life while sick, such as the ability to accomplish daily activities.

Sambucol helps reduce the severity of cold & flu symptoms including:
- Runny nose
- Congestion
- Cough
- Sneezing
- Sore throat
- Fatigue

Sambucol Cold & Flu Liquid's original formulation is made with great tasting, highly concentrated black elderberries to help fight the cold.

Sambucol Liquid| Cough & Cold

  • Dosage form: Oral liquid

    Quantity: 250 mL

    Active ingredients per 15 mL oral liquid (syrup):
    Sambucus nigra (Black Elderberry) fruit juice dry
    -Equiv. fresh juice 5.7 g
    Contains Gluten, Sulfites, Sugars and Sorbates