The SNOTTY BULB, this trusted device provides the traditional way to clear mucus from your baby’s nose! The SNOTTY BULB is gentle to be used from birth to alleviate blocked or runny noses caused by colds or allergies.

Snotty Bulb Nasal Aspirator

  • 1. Wash bulb with soapy water before and after each use.

    2. Inspect and make sure bulb is in good working order.

    3. Squeeze bulb to expel air from it.

    4. Gently place the clear nozzle against one of the nostrils of the infant/child.

    5. Release bulb gradually to draw out excess mucus from the nasal cavity.

     6. Repeat with other nostril if necessary.

    7. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. 8. To clean, squeeze and release bulb a few times in warm soapy water. 9. Rinse well and air dry.

  • SNOTTY BULB is ONLY to be used by ADULTS and for the prescribed purpose. This product is NOT a toy; do NOT allow your child to play with it.