The easiest way to help your child breathe, sleep and feed better   Imagine not being able to blow your nose when you are sick.  Remove snot from your baby's nose gently and safely in 5 seconds, with battery.

Snotty Noses| Snotty Three Classic Aspirator

    • Fully waterproof (can be used in shower or bath where nasal congestion is softer)
    • Large silicone nozzle tips - gentle on your babys nose and face
    • No hidden costs - no ongoing replacement parts required
    • Nozzles suitable for cleaning by steam/boil sterilisation
    • Three convenient sized silicone nozzle tips for all ages
    • Australia's first battery operated nasal aspirator
    • Large collection cup (reduces risk of overflow)
    • Trusted by Australian parents since 2010
    • Set includes spare replacement o-rings
    • Unique washable inner vacuum pump
    • Aspirate your child anywhere-anytime
    • Easy assembly & disassemly
    • Detachable collection cup set
    • Steady gentle suction
    • Reduced noise level
    • Easy cleaning