Breast Milk Storage bags that are sterilised for hygiene and printed with a measuring guide and space for noting date of filling. And of course BPA free.

Swisspers Breast Milk Storage Bags| 20 pack

    1. Prepare the area by sterilising all bottles, tools and surfaces, and thoroughly wash hands.
    2. Before filling write date in the space provided.
    3. To open bag remove the perforated tab and open dual closure.
    4. Pour breast milk into bag and reseal for storage.
    5. Place in fridge or freezer.
    6. To defrost place bag in the fridge to hygienically thaw. Bag can also gently warmed in warm (not hot) water, being sure to remove bag from warm water as soon as it reaches the appropriate temperature.
    7. Pour milk into feeding bottle, gently warm if required.